Office space design guides behaviour and has a powerful effect on performance. The goal of professional office space planning in Singapore is to create a flow that encourages productive and focused work while providing some space for creativity, customisation, and scalability down the line. Vanguard is a leading provider of office space planning in Singapore. We believe that the right design choices create an environment that can help your team succeed. 

Our goal is to design an office that meets the needs of those who will be using it. This is why we take the time to get to know your company’s working style, users, foot traffic patterns, expansion plans, and other factors that influence how you use your workspace. With years of interior design experience, we have the expertise you require to plan your space effectively. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Our approach to space interior design in Singapore 

No matter the size of your office, our team can deliver a detailed design plan that meticulously defines different zones and what you want to use them for. This plan considers factors such as movement patterns, ventilation, light sources, outlets and switches, ergonomics, and accessibility needs. We will work with you to arrange your furniture and apply the finishing touches. We can also work with property engineers to aid office space planning in Singapore and ensure stunning results.

Our space interior design services in Singapore allow for optimal use of the available area without compromising safety and access. It ensures that furniture and equipment are strategically placed to let users move around easily without any obstacles. It also leaves room for expansions and other changes, reducing complexities should you decide to add more workstations or modify the layout later on. 

Vanguard creates work environments that recognise both the need for a common purpose and independent action, for belonging and autonomy. This duality is essential in today’s collaborative office culture. We help organisations identify what kind of workplace suits them best and build around that model.

Singapore’s leading space interior design company

Space interior design in Singapore is an important investment that can improve your company’s productivity. The physical work environment you provide for your employees affects their overall health, how well they collaborate, and how productive they are. Good design shows that their work is valued. 

Vanguard’s office space planning services in Singapore can maximise the potential of your space, emphasising its strengths and catering to your unique usage requirements. Contact us today for a consultation.

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For over 30 years, we have specialised in bespoke solution that are designed to last. Through careful planning and extensive research, we are invested in developing cutting-edge interior solutions from high quality products in order to provide long-term value and satisfaction.


Our continuous foray into research and innovation help pave the way for corporations and services in a range of industries. We will always pledge to deliver high performance solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients and their customers alike.


We are committed to sustainable solutions, products and deliveries. Our focus on durability and minimal environmental impact is integrated into our design philosophy, allowing us to provide high quality products with stable supply chains at efficient costs.
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