The USM Haller along with the other ranges of tables and accessories all show their commitment to unparalleled innovation, genuine quality and true style.


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USM Haller System

Create a home that’s as unique as you are. Use the USM Haller system to design individual and timeless stylish furnishings.

USM Haller E

Put the things you love in a new light with the latest evolution in USM’s modular furniture system.

USM Haller Tables

Design your dream table. Make the most of the USM modular system to build a piece of furniture uniquely tailored to your needs.

USM Privacy Panels

Create office zones, give teams their own unique identity, provide workers with a secluded workspace and minimise noise with our ingenious felt-covered privacy panels.

USM Kitos Tables

The timeless original. Choose from rectangular, square, or circular table tops and a wide array of finishes, including wood veneer and glass.USM Accessories

USM Accessories

USM Haller furniture lasts a lifetime. Internal accessories let it evolve with your business as times change, tailoring its functionality to your exact needs.

Illustration purposes only. Actual colours and specifications may vary from the actual product.