The Importance of Colour in Interior Design: Using Colour Psychology to Create Your Ideal Space in Singapore

Colour is an essential element of interior design, and it is not hard to understand why. The right colours can set the tone for your business and enhance employee well-being, acting as the starting point to improve your office space planning in Singapore. 

3 benefits when it comes to using colour psychology to enhance your office space planning in Singapore:

  • Improving focus

There is a reason why some of the most popular social media applications centre around the colour blue. Blue invokes a sense of trust and calmness, which can help your employees stay focused and work efficiently. 

It is best to use blue in fragments rather than fill your entire office with a single colour. For example, you may add blue accents to a breakout room or in open-plan workspaces for more productive brainstorming. 

  • Boosting comfort

Warm colours like red and orange are reminiscent of a familiar, cosy fireplace back home. As a result, they can help your employees feel safer and more comfortable, especially in places where they spend the most time.

Not only that, but red is associated with the body and is known to increase the heart rate, blood flow, and appetite. If you want your employees to feel more energetic and determined at the workplace, consider using red accents and decorations. It is recommended to use red in spaces where a lot of physical activity or night shift work takes place to increase energy levels.

  • Encouraging creativity

Yellow is the colour of optimism, creativity, and curiosity, allowing your office to feel more welcoming and encouraging the development of ideas, resulting in a positive working environment

In addition, yellow perfectly complements natural light and can improve the appearance of your office. You can add more yellow tones to the space by investing in low-intensity lighting and splashes of paint. Generally, the colour yellow should be used as an accent and not as an overall dominating colour.

In conclusion, to create a productive and collaborative working environment for your employees use colour psychology to your advantage.

To achieve this, we at Vanguard Interiors can help you develop the ideal office space planning in Singapore, preparing your business for the future.

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