The Impact of Colour in Interior Design: How Your Company Is Using Colour to Create Mood and Atmosphere in Spaces

Colour plays a role in everything, from your mood to your office design. In fact, research has shown that colours directly affect human psychology. Red can limit test performance in students, beige can cause sadness in employees, and yellow can enhance creativity, to name a few examples. With this in mind, what are the best colours for an office? Consider the opinion of experienced office renovation contractors in Singapore on how to use colours to enhance your office design

  • Paint the walls

When painting their walls, many office spaces stick to neutral colours such as white, grey, and beige. But did you know that these shades can hinder productivity? According to some studies, bland offices tend to cause feelings of sadness in employees.

So instead, go for colours that encourage productivity and creativity, such as blue and yellow. Meanwhile, green is the best option for offices with long working hours, known to reduce eye strain and promote calmness.

  • Get artsy

What better way to add more colour to a space than with art? You should not hesitate to place decorations all around your office, from hanging paintings on bare walls to displaying small ornaments on shelves and desks.

  • Choose unique furniture

Furniture can be a source of creativity and inspiration if you choose wisely. For example, consider quirky, aesthetically pleasing pieces that do not sacrifice form or function instead of going for traditional office desks and chairs.

The right use of colours can significantly improve your office design, which, in turn, improves employee productivity and morale. Not to mention, colours are some of the easiest design elements to incorporate in a space. If you need more help selecting the ideal shades and hues, consider working with a trusted office renovation contractor in Singapore.

Here at Vanguard Interiors, we can help you with every step of office space planning and design, offering tailored solutions according to your needs. Call us today to discuss your ideas and requirements so we can bring them to life!

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