The Epitome of Style: Unleashing the Creative Brilliance of Singapore’s Best Interior Designers

Vanguard Interiors, with over 30 years of industry experience since 1991, holds a remarkable reputation as one of the best interior designers in Singapore. This reputation is built on our transformative design solutions that consistently redefine and elevate the standards of office and commercial spaces. 

Comprehensive services

What sets Vanguard Interiors apart is our dedication to end-to-end solutions. As one of the best interior designers in Singapore, we manage every aspect of a project, from conceptualisation, through space planning and design to product curation and construction. This approach ensures a smooth and effortless experience for our clients. With Vanguard Interiors, businesses can be confident that our unique visions will be transformed into reality, with every detail meticulously addressed to reflect our brand’s ethos and values.

Customised for each client

Recognising that each project is as unique as the client, Vanguard Interiors places a strong emphasis on customisation and collaboration. We work hand-in-hand with clients, striking the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Our adept team of designers and craftsmen craft bespoke solutions that not only optimise workflow but also enhance daily working experiences. This dual focus on efficiency and sustainability solidifies our award-winning designs as not just inspiring but also eco-conscious.

Trusted by big names

With a legacy of more than 3,000 fulfilled clients, Vanguard Interiors has made a significant impact on Singapore’s interior design landscape. Our wide-ranging expertise spans multiple sectors, such as commercial and office spaces, hospitality, education, healthcare, residential areas, public spaces, and specialised projects. This vast experience highlights our flexibility and adaptability, underlining our ability to meet diverse client needs and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes.

Work with one of the best interior designers in Singapore.

Indeed, Vanguard Interiors has rightfully earned its position as one of Singapore’s best interior design firms. Our passion for design and strong ethical principles extend beyond our vast portfolio. We strive to enhance lives by creating improved environments for work, living, and leisure. Our consistent push for design excellence and embracement of innovative practices continue to raise industry standards.

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