Space Utilisation Impacts Business Productivity

Space utilisation measures the effectiveness of office space for a business’s productivity purposes. For instance, low space utilisation means that a company is wasting resources, while high utilisation is a sign that the employees are efficient and able to maximise their available space. But why is utilisation and space interior design in Singapore essential?

Top five benefits of space interior design in Singapore

  • Improved workplace efficiency

The most apparent benefit of space utilisation is an increase in overall workplace efficiency. Consider, for example, an office that can accommodate up to 275 workers. If there are only 200 employees, the office has a space utilisation rate of about 72%. This means that the employees can easily find and use workspaces that meet their requirements, improving their productivity and efficiency.

  • Focus on employee needs.

One of the most important elements to consider is your employees’ needs. You must create a space plan that optimises their demands for a better workplace environment, whether it involves modular furniture, open, collaborative areas, or private meeting rooms.

  • Better agility and flexibility

Proper space utilisation allows your workplace to stay agile and flexible. It enables workers to get from one place to another without wasting time, no matter if they are going between departments or breaking out into small meetings.

  • Less workplace friction

Space utilisation can also refer to the amount of available, open space in an office. Ideal utilisation rates can reduce workplace friction, preventing employees from feeling too cramped or restricted in an area. This, in turn, allows various teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

  • Improved return on investment

A high space utilisation rate can lead to better efficiency, which ultimately results in increased revenue.

Overall, investing in proper space interior design in Singapore offers excellent returns, as well as savings in your bottom line.

Are you looking to boost your office’s space utilisation rate? Work with an experienced renovation contractor to find the best design and layout plan for your workplace.


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