Maximising Your Office Space: 5 Ideas to Renovate Small Office Interior

Are you starting to outgrow your office because of expansion but not quite ready to move to a bigger space yet? With help from the best design firms in Singapore, you can maximise a small office without sacrificing comfort and style. Good design can make your workspace more productive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing despite the limited square footage. Here are some ideas that you can discuss with your interior designer:

1. Avoid dark colours

Are you repainting your office or buying new furniture? Choose light colours to make the space look and feel bigger. Pastels and shades of beige and white can also brighten up the room. A professional interior designer can recommend starting with a neutral base for a fresh and clean aesthetic and then adding pastel colours to bring character to the space. That said, avoid going overboard with patterns and colours. Stick to a basic colour scheme and limit your use of patterns to create a streamlined and cohesive look.

2. Stick to minimalism

You can hardly go wrong with a minimalistic design for a small office space. This means having only essential accessories and furniture to avoid a cluttered look. Minimalism emphasises functionality and simplicity, making it ideal for small offices. The best design firms in Singapore can help apply this design principle in the most effective way possible to maximise your space.

3. Choose multi-functional pieces

Multi-use furniture can help maximise small office spaces. For instance, you can use a storage ottoman to store files and as extra seating. Or choose a desk with a built-in cabinet so you do not have to purchase additional storage units.

4. Let the sunshine in

If you can, install skylights and larger windows to let more natural light brighten up your space. This way, the office looks more inviting and spacious. Additionally, this could boost productivity and help boost your employees’ mood.

5. Use mirrors

Mirrors can make a small room appear bigger by creating an illusion of additional space. Just be sure to place them strategically, preferably where they can reflect light fixtures or natural light, so the office appears brighter.

Need help?

If you are ready to renovate your small office, contact our experts here at Vanguard Interiors. We are among the best design firms in Singapore with the experience and commitment to making a big difference by designing and making better environments for work.

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