How to Make an Old Office Look Modern

Does your workplace need a refresh? With a few tips and tricks, even the most outdated office can be transformed into a modern workspace. Here are some recommendations from office interior contractors in Singapore on how to turn your old office into a contemporary oasis of productivity.

  • Get rid of clutter

Do not underestimate the power of cleaning. Regular cleaning and maintenance can drastically transform the appearance of an office, eliminating clutter such as old paperwork and unused furniture. A clean workspace will also help clear your thoughts, sparking more creativity when you need to think of a new design for the office.

  • Go for modern art

Old offices are notorious for having “corporate” artwork, such as motivational posters and photos of sunsets. These décor elements are considered outdated by today’s standards, making your office feel even more out of touch with the latest trends. 

Go for more modern and creative pieces of art instead. One great way to improve your office design while enhancing your brand reputation is to connect with your local art community and invest in pieces created by local painters, graphic designers, and pottery artists.

  • Consider an open layout.

Old offices are known for their walls and obstructive structures, which are meant to enhance privacy in the workplace. These days, however, working is all about collaboration. Perhaps this is a sign for you to knock down your walls and opt for a more open and collaborative layout. 

Moreover, consider adding spaces designed for team projects and creative thinking, such as breakout rooms, transition zones between inside and outside areas, and outdoor areas.

Do not let an old and tired office space distract you from working productively. If you want to make more modern changes, consider working with an experienced office interior contractor in Singapore. At Vanguard Interiors, we can help you bring your dream design to life, whether it involves new lighting fixtures, contemporary office furniture, or a completely redesigned look.

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