Commercial Renovation: A Checklist for Success

Behind every successful commercial renovation in Singapore is a robust strategy of detailed preparation, reasonable budgeting, appropriate space planning, and skilled construction teams. Below is a comprehensive office building renovation checklist for more efficient implementation and management.

  1. Identify your office renovation goals.

Define the core purpose of your project. Setting clear goals can keep you on track, even when unexpected issues arise. You may need to ask: Are the rooms too cramped, or is there a need to eliminate additional spaces? Do the employees need open, collaborative spaces or private cabins? Is there a need for an aesthetic makeover or a technological upgrade? Do you perhaps want to build a more energy-efficient space?

2. Design the layout.

Successful commercial renovation in Singapore means redesigning the office space layout to ensure easy manoeuvring. Position the reception area near the entrance and plan the space carefully for different functional zones. Consider the number of staff and departments, specialised spaces like meeting rooms, pantries, toilets, resting areas, and more. Additionally, think about facilities for specially-abled employees, ergonomic furniture, suitable lighting, and technological needs.

3. Decide on the schedule.

To keep the commercial renovation in Singapore on track, it’s crucial to develop a well-planned and realistic schedule. Break the project into various phases and allow buffer time between tasks to handle unexpected issues. Regularly communicate with the project team.

4. Hire the right office renovation team. 

Commercial renovation in Singapore requires a qualified team of professionals, including contractors, architects, interior designers, engineers, and many others. Choose local, licensed, reputable, and cost-effective professionals. Many businesses prefer design-build companies that combine design and construction expertise in one team.

5. Ensure compliance.

It’s essential to obtain the necessary building permits for your commercial renovation in Singapore and seek guidance from your renovation company to comply with local building codes.

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