Office Decorating Ideas—Best Places to Display Art

Art plays a greater role in office design than you may think. According to interior designers in Singapore, placing art pieces all over your workplace may help improve productivity, spark conversations, and reduce work-induced stress. But with all that said, where should these decorations be located?

The best places to display art, according to interior designers in Singapore

  • On the walls

You can never go wrong with hanging art on the walls. If you have a rather empty-looking meeting room, for example, you can spark some creativity by adding a large painting on the farthest wall. There is no limit to the types of art you can hang, from classical paintings to modern pieces.

  • Around furniture

Couches and breakout rooms are the perfect places to collaborate and develop ideas. So, what better way to inspire more creativity than by filling these areas with art? You can place some clay vases next to a couch, add small paintings inside a breakout room, or even encourage employees to spice up their desks with plants and picture frames.

  • In empty spaces

One of the best ways to brighten up an empty area is to add a piece of art. Instead of leaving your office walls bare, why not fill them with floor-to-ceiling installations of framed paintings?

You may even make use of wide, empty surfaces such as bookshelves and tabletops around your office, placing small vases, plants, and other ornaments to bring more life to the space.

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